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Welcome to the official e-shop of Costa Esperanza Trade Mark, which is a producer of stylish, unusual and high-quality kinds of wedding dresses. We know well that modern girls and brides are very demanding and particular in a time of wedding clothes choosing. It is very important for them, because wedding is one of the most important events in their life. Therefore, we make everything, which depends on us to give you a great opportunity to make wholesale orders of wedding dresses for your personal wedding salons, which will attract attention of your future buyers. For producing good wedding production we have great capabilities like our personal production line, the highest level professionals’ team, high-quality and modern fabrics and imported furniture, which make our production special. We try to pay our attention to each small item of dress and each stitch. Every day we follow to all changes in the world of wedding fashion for using them in our wedding dresses designs. In the same time we make our bridal dresses special and make their styles connected with our individual style. It means that wedding dresses by Costa Esperanza are gorgeous dresses, which will be suitable for many kinds of women’s figures and kinds of events. They will satisfy many tastes of fashion of a big number of future brides.


Nowadays many wedding salons owners not only from Ukraine but also from Russia make wholesale orders of our wedding dresses. It is not a secret that each wedding dress needs different kinds of wedding accessories for making really special and unique wedding image. For making your choice easier, we offer for each our client to pay his attention to different kinds of wedding accessories and bijouterie, which can be ordered together with wedding dresses models. It will be more comfortable for your clients to buy all elements of wedding style in one moment. It will help them to choose all wedding style in a time of bridal dress buying.


As a rule, at many wedding salons, client can also find different kinds of evening and children’s dresses, which are also necessary for guests, who are going to visit wedding event. A bride also can choose evening dress, if her wedding celebration will last during two days. We have already provided for this kind of wedding event and on our e-shop you will be able to find different kinds of wedding dresses by Сosta Еsperanza and also evening, children’s dresses with the most profitable prices.

Become a partner of Сosta Еsperanza Company and you will not solve a task anymore, where you have to buy high-quality wedding dresses in bulk and other kinds of beautiful dresses for women and young girls. We offer high-quality production with profitable prices. 


So, it is a time to start your wholesale shopping, isn’t it? Please before making your order become acquainted with methods of payment and delivery, especially if you live in Russia, Moldova or other countries of CIS or Europe. If you will have some difficulties or questions, please contact with us using phone, Skype or e-mail. So, we will not divert you from making of your successful shopping!


Yours faithfully, Сosta Esperanza administration.